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Creative Resources uses the Myers-Briggs TYPE Indicator to identify personality attributes and characteristics.  The MBTI has been used for generations to identify the characteristics of normal psychology  (see below)


TYPE-based TEAMWORK Programs

Successful teams are able to function well in many areas. The following programs are designed to teach individuals the appropriate skill sets required to improve quality teamwork. At the same time, team facilitation techniques are modeled and explained for use back on the job.

Understanding TYPE - This is the hub of the TYPE-based TEAMWORK program. Each participant is required to fill out the MBTI two weeks before this session and send it in for scoring. Then, at this session, the attitudes and functions covered by the MBTI are defined and explained. The results of the individual's assessment are then returned and validated. Communication patterns, based on TYPE are then covered with exercises for applying what was learned.

Conflict Resolution - The probable causes of conflict are discussed and methods for dealing with and resolving conflict are taught and practiced. Active Listening and Contracting techniques are covered in detail with exercises for applying the learning back on the job.

Running Effective Meetings - Poorly run meetings waste more time than breaks, lunches and sick days combined! Using the validated preferences that each member of the team brings to the meeting can help to make meetings more productive and teams more successful. In addition, specific techniques used by major successful corporations are covered along with specific "Do's and Don'ts" based on each team's make up.

Problem Solving and Decision Making - Using the "Z-model", the team will learn how to approach each problem and ensure that "no stone is left unturned." The best decisions are made when all four TYPE functions are involved, and methods for incorporating them into team work is covered in detail.


What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

Based on the work of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychological instrument concerned with variations in normal attitudes and behaviors, rather than weaknesses or "good" vs. "bad" characteristics. As a result, there are no "right" or "wrong" answers to the questions used on the MBTI.

The end product of this assessment is a series of letters which, once validated by the participant, describe the preferences one has when dealing with others, perceiving the world around us and making decisions. Understanding these preferences can be a strong foundation for individual growth and excellence. The benefits, however, extend beyond the individual, when one can begin to accept the contributions of those who are fundamentally different and realize that there is no one "best" style.


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