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Successful implementation if this international standard on quality begins with proper knowledge and education of the organizations management and personnel.  Creative Resources has been a leader in the area of preparing business (large and small) for efficient, effective and successful implementation of this standard.

Our consultants have worked with the writers of the standard and have trained and assisted over 100 organizations to achieve registration to both the ISO 9001/2/3:1994 and the newest version of the standard, ISO 9001:2000.

All of our programs are customized to be delivered to your organization, ensuring the most up-to-date and pertinent information for your business.

Key Benefits

Increased awareness and control of all aspects that effect quality
Employee involvement with the Quality Journey
Improved business effectiveness and continuous imrpovement
Improved Customer Satisfaction


Creative Resources provides customized programs to help you get your ISO 9000 implementation program off the ground and moving efficiently toward successful implementation.


Training Programs

Management Awareness
Management Education programs designed to quickly and effectively get the executive management team up to speed on the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.  This program is designed assist management to support and deliver adequate resources to the implementation project.
Implementation Team Training

This program teaches the specific requirements and lays out the Tactical Project Plan for implementation.  Al the requirements and interrelationships of the standard are covered to ensure adequate understanding to customize ISO 9000 implementation.

Employee Awareness
Employee Awareness programs ensure support from the employees most involved with successful implementation.  Their understanding, involvement and support is critical to the implementation of a successful quality management system. 
Internal Auditor Training

The standard requires regularly scheduled audits of the quality management system.  This program will train your personnel to perform these required audits.


Consulting Programs

On-site Consultation
Our consultants meet with your implementation team, and others as appropriate, to ensure the team's success.  This includes attending implementation team meetings,  overseeing progress and updating management on upcoming obstacles.  Review of documentation and implementation is a vital part of this program.
Internal Auditing
Small organizations may find it difficult to spare personnel for the required internal audit function.  Internal auditors must find time to remain current on the standard, its interpretations and applications, along with auditing techniques.  Sub-contracting this activity out to a qualified firm can ensure internal audit effectiveness and an un-biased assessment.


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